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                DEBT COLLECTION


                Do you expect to reduce risk, increase cash flow, and maintain long-term profitability?

                Jin Yi dedicated to promoting healthy payment, helps customers reduce risk, improve their cash flow and long term profitability and offers complete credit management

                Why choose Jin Yi credit management services?

                Jin Yi can help you quickly deal with default receivables more efficient and flexible to improve receivables management.

                Are we having professional, system and improvement of the operating process?

                We’ve built up a complete set of operating system over many years of helping business do better business literally everywhere.

                How we operate?

                From free consultancy and accept authorize until successfully ending the case, we will report to clients on the process regularly.

                Cut your credit management costs for higher profit?

                We have a "no paid, no fee" service first principle, the commission is appropriate and charges public.

                Professional debt collection?

                Jin Yi obedience to the "Safety, Profession, High-efficiency, Honesty" service concept, we know all kinds of commercial law, and the relevant finance and credit know ledges.