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                DEBT COLLECTION


                • If China wants to develop market economy in full swing, it must expand market credit trade onto another scale. If an enterprise wants to avoid the credit risks brought by its clients, the market requires all its participating companies to establish sound credit managing functions, make sure the credit accrediting party is loyal, control and transfer the possible risks, or even nip them before they come up. In order to reach the goals, they shall be supported by external credit services.

                • In the developed countries, business debts settlement is a branch with certain scale of the credit agency. Cross-boundary and overseas debt collection business is very advanced, for example, the ACA (The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) in the U.S. has thousands of members whose business are related to debts settlement with their collection service expanding to the 65 countries and regions globally. The successful experience of advanced countries has told us that Chinese enterprises, should establish corporate credit management mechanism in accordance with Chinese national conditions, which means risk supervision and management are in function all the way through business operations. Business debts settlement plays the most important role in modern corporate management. It ensures the maximized profits of the enterprise.

                • Our business debts settlement service mainly aims at the debt receivable both of the individual and the enterprise. Through professional and legitimate service, we provide assistance to companies and individuals for debt collection, and we also help to decrease the risk rate and corrupted money rate of the companies, guard against and control corporate credit risks as well. Credit risk management mainly handles sale on credit within the legal credit policies in order to avoid possible credit risks incurred therein.

                • Quickly Handle Receivables

                  As a professional receivable management consulting agent, we can find out the debtor’s recent and assets from different channels, and successfully recover the debt with a rapid, quick action and the appropriate strategy. Through the rich experience, we learn the earlier action will bring higher the success ratio.

                • Timesaving and Flexible Compared with Legal Proceedings

                  Legal proceedings is often costly and time-consuming, and whether success or not, the litigants shall pay considerable lawsuit cost. Although sometimes successful, but it does not mean debt are successfully recovered. Professional receivable management consulting agent can immediately assess the debt situation and provide solutions according to the customer's requirements until the debts are recovered with our flexible strategy. We also hold the principle of no collection, no fee.

                • Carry out Mediation as a "Middle Man"

                  The debt dispute usually occurs when there is misunderstanding or quarrel between the debtor and creditor. We will make profound analysis after getting knowledge of the whole process and carry out mediation as a middle man,.

                • Cross-boundary Receivables Management Consulting

                  In case the debt occurs overseas or the debtor moves to foreign countries, we will arrange the reliable and professional foreign company to make collection. Justice has long arms.

                • Extension Of the Finance Department

                  We, as an excellent receivables management consulting agent, will provide clients with professional, systematic, reliable receivables management. Since the service is strictly tailored according to the customer's requirements, in the short run, it can improve the management of the internal receivables; in the long run, it can be the most economical and the easiest way to build the company's own commercial account management department.

                • The Staffs of Shanghai Jin Yi Business Consulting Co., Ltd. Must Have The Following Qualifications

                • Familiarity with various business laws, and mastery of relevant finance and credit knowledge.

                  Uniquely charming personality, compose and flexible, and with great judging ability, uncommon temperament and sophisticated communication skills Years of related working experience