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                CREDIT RISK

                • Through collection, research, analysis and management of the information on the market, consumers and commercial organization, we can carry out credit rating and risk assessment. Through the integration of information, services and technology, we will provide you business and credit information and opinions, which will help you grasp the accurate information of your competitors, partners and target customers so that you can formulate the response measures in advance, take the initiative to adjust cooperation mode to make sure the business risks will be avoid while the profits are maximized.

                • Business Credit Report

                  It is our most popular product related to credit information including registration, historical change, management staff, finance, credit record, products and quantity, sales and purchase information, import & export data, trademarks & patents, industry background, industry comparison and analysis, credit rating, base credit limit, etc. Business Credit Report is widely used by banks, credit insurers and trade credit providers to assess the credit capability and risk of the subject companies.

                • Business Background Investigation

                  In order to investigate the subject company's business operation and system with clients maintenance and management as its focus, it shall not be restricted to the systematical, organizational and institutional levels. It is important to make research on the real problems and variation measures during operation process, including account opening, customer classification, evaluation, orders , credit and so on.

                  We are dedicated to provide deep business background investigation for various purposes, which will be helpful for the client to make a wise judgment in the process of business development, competitiveness and value evaluation of the target company or project, the status and future trend predication of the target market or project. Moreover, we are also expert in providing comprehensive business information and suggestion, such as relevant policy, recruitment survey and operating cost estimation, etc..

                • Competition investigation

                  It is one of our key services to investigate the competitive strength and weakness of the target company in the aspects of business development, internal management, economic indicators and policy sharing while assessing the overall development trends, competitive focus of the target company

                  Moreover, we serve to carry out in-depth research on the competitor’s business development, internal management, performance data, policy sharing and other aspects while assessing its overall development status and trend, all of which will be tailored based on the customer’s requirements.

                • Employee loyalty survey

                  The regular loyalty survey on the core staff can prevent business risks. In addition to add confidentiality provisions and loyalty duty in the employment contract, it is also necessary to carry out survey on the core staff so as to get knowledge of their activities and keep vigilant on the theft of corporate secrets, equipment, violation of privacy codes of practice, in case of any of the above misconduct, we will collect related evidence.

                • Counterfeit Products Crackdown

                  To carry out research on the manufacturing, transportation, storage, marketing chain, trademarks of the counterfeit products and whether their is internal and external collaboration; to collect favorable evidence and crack down together with the Department of Industry & Commerce under the "Trademark Law", "Patent Law", and "Copyright Law".

                • Project Background Investigation

                  Provide true and reliable investigation results on whether the subcontract, purchasing information, project and policies, etc are true or false for your reference while making decision.