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                ABOUT US

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                Shanghai Jin Yi Business Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in May 2007. It is mainly engaged in accounts receivable management, commercial credit risk control, legal and economic consulting services. Whether you are a business or an individual, you can rely on our credit management services to protect cash flow, sustain profitability and achieve solid growth. As an enterprise that has received collection license at an early stage in China, Jin Yi has a number of professional collection consultants who have obtained the qualifications of professional account management of Tsinghua University. By integrating professional knowledge and experience of domestic and international counterparts, Jin Yi has explored a set of effective and fast collection operation modes, and successfully utilized Internet O2O technology across over 200 cities and countries.

                Since the company started its business, it has joined the American ACA Collection Association, China Micro-credit Companies Association, China Commercial Factoring Committee, Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Shanghai Credit Industry Association. At the same time, it also provides training on Credit Risk Control and Receivables Collection Techniques for credit institutions, financial offices, associations, enterprises, banks and other institutions. The training has been held for hundreds of times and taken by thousands of people and in major cities across the country. The founder of Jin Yi, Mr. Lou, published nearly a hundred articles in major financial journals, and the book "The Private Course for Practical Collection " was published on the whole network. Jin Yi adheres to the concept of "professional, efficient and honest" to provide customers with a full range of professional services.



                · Credit Risk Control

                · Debt Collection

                · Collection Skills Training


                China Micro-credit Companies Association, China Guarantee Association, Provincial and Municipal Finance Offices, Banks, Small and Micro Finance Research Institutes, China Society of Cooperative Economics, Shanghai Pudong International Finance Institute, China Capital Finance Institute, various training institutions, etc.

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                Create the first-class brand; provide the professional and thoughtful service

                Your satisfaction, Our mission



                Business philosophy:
                the good faith for this pragmatic integrity

                Service tenet:
                safety profession high-efficiency honesty

                To provide the most effective receivable management services



                Professional Debt Collection